Why Do Men Pull Away After Getting Close?

Why Men Pull Away

So what’s really going on with your relationship?

Have you finally decided to ditch the bad boys, and start seeing a nice guy?

Maybe you’ve been in a relationship for a while now … heck you could even be married!

BUT! ….

Suddenly everything has changed, and you don’t know why!

It seemed like just yesterday that this man managed to make you feel so special, loved, desired.

In fact it literally was just yesterday that this man used to make you all giddy inside … yet suddenly something changed, like a switch has been flipped in him.

He Has Become Distant All Of A Sudden!

This makes you feel very anxious and confused.  I am sure you fear for the future of your relationship … this fear is completely rationale and normal.

Yet whilst you’re scared, you’re also angry and confused …

How could this man go from loving you one day, to going completely cold on you the next?

Well I am sure this has lead you to wanting to know the answer to a few things. Heck you will do what ever you can to save your relationship with the man you love.

So let’s address the reasons why you’re here reading this page, and answer the questions you desperately NEED answered, before its too late …

1. Why has he pulled away all of  sudden …

2. What can you do about it.

Why He Is Distant All Of A Sudden:

This whole situation can seem confusing and overwhelming, yet the reasons why he is suddenly acting the way he is, are quite straight forward.

There are 3 simple reasons why he has suddenly become distant … and if you can identify with one of these reasons, then you are in a very good position to solve the problem, and have him close to you again.

We will deal with the how below, after we have dealt with the the 3 reasons why.

I recommend that you watch this short video outlining each of these reasons for this behavior, and I will explain each of them in detail below.

Your Emotions Were Too Much:

In other words …. you became too emotional with him!

This may be a bitter pill to swallow for many of you reading this, particularly if you feel like a victim in this current situation.

This shouldn’t be taken as something negative, it actually puts you in control of the situation.

If it’s early days in your relationship, then you walk a fine line of becoming too emotional.

If you have been too emotional, and have acted in a way that can come across as clingy, desperate or needy … then you most likely have pushed him away.

Men want the emotion, and intimacy in a relationship, but if it comes on too strong or too quickly, then it will scare him away.

If you have been constantly wanting to spend time with him, or annoying him when he is not spending time with you.

Or, if you keeping telling him your deepest feelings and love for him, and getting upset with him when he doesn’t reciprocate, then he will get second thoughts about the relationship.

Any form of needy, clingy or desperate behavior will be a red flag to him. This will cause him to back off, and potentially end the relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, me want that emotional bond, and want to get closer to you, and to a point where they can profess their love for you … but that has got to have time to develop.

You need to make him work for some of your affections. You shouldn’t put everything on the table for him. Make him chase you a little but, and keep a little bit of intrigue.

Sure enough as the relationship unfolds, the two of you will connect more and more emotionally. To a point where you can tell him regularly how much you love him.

Lacking A Connection:

He Is Distant

Ironically we are now going to talk about the complete opposite of what I have just written above!

This applies to women who have been in a relationship with a man for a while. In other words, are comfortably outside the honeymoon period, and may even be engaged or married.

You may not believe this, but men are emotional creatures, and are looking for a strong emotional connection with a women they love.

Actually deep down, this is all they are looking for in a relationship.

This explains why men in their younger years like to go out to bars and try meet women. Putting biological urges aside, they are actually looking for this emotional connection through sex.

As they grow up a bit, their motivations change, and they start looking for someone to settle down with, and build this connection properly.

So let me ask you this …

Do you two have a strong emotional connection?

Provided he is not just a selfish person, and has motivations else where, he is probably a good guy, who is keen to settle down.

You need to establish if the two of you have connected on an emotional level.

If you haven’t then he is probably getting cold feet about the relationship, and is pushing away, and considering looking elsewhere for that connection he wants.

If this is you … then don’t panic, it is easy to establish this connection with him, and we will show you how below.

Putting Too Much Pressure On Him:

Have you or your family and friends been putting too much pressure on him about committing to the future?

What do I mean by this? …

Do you or others keep asking him if he would like to get married and have children?

Or you keep pressuring him to propose? …. Even give him an ultimatum!

Maybe you keep asking him to move in together … and he is not ready.

These are just a few examples of many, where you or others could be putting pressure on him about the relationship.

The more pressure that is put on him about your future, the more he will distance himself from you … or worse end the relationship.

This will most likely frustrate you. You want a bit of security for the future, and you want to know that the two of you are on the same page.

It is perfectly OK to bring those things up every now and then, and see how each other feels.

But pressuring, nagging, or giving ultimatums will only make things worse.

Sure he may be dragging his feet about moving in. He may be taking way to long to propose, or decide that he wants to start a family with you … this can be very frustrating.

But trying to force him, will not work at all!

The trick to getting him to move forward with a relationship … is to make him feel like it is his decision.

He needs to feel like HE is choosing to move in with you, or propose to you, or that he is making the choice to start a family.

If he feels back into a corner, he will start acting differently.

So how the heck do you make him feel like that … without pressuring him or nagging him?

Well let’s discuss it.

What To Do When A Man Becomes Distant:

Guy Pulls Away

If you fall into any of the 3 situations outlined above, then the solution is the same.

The answer to stopping him from being distant suddenly, and getting your relationship back on track, lies in one word … CHOICE!

As I have said above, he needs to FEEL like HE is the one making the CHOICE to move the relationship forward.

Even if it is really you who is quietly making that decision for him!

The solution to his fear of commitment, to preventing any more of this distant behavior lies in this one simple solution.

So how do you make him feel like he is making this choice?

Well you need to get inside his mind, and understand him at a subconscious level … in other words you need to understand how the male mind works.

Once you understand that (it’s not hard!) you will have his complete love, devotion and commitment for the rest of your life.

You will know how to not come across too strong with your emotions.

You will be able to establish a rock solid emotional connection with him.

You will be able to make him feel like he wants everything you want out of the relationship.

The Video Explaining How To Understand His Mind:

Naturally by now, you will want to know more … you want to know how to understand his mind, and influence his feelings and choices.

This is powerful stuff! … This man needs to be your prince charming, the man you want to spend your life with …

It is unfair to use what you are about to see in the video, to try and manipulate men that you see no future with!

I want to introduce you to relationship psychologist Michael Fiore. He is the man who created this video for you.

He is the man who will explain to you the following:

  • How the male mind works.
  • How to influence his choices, feelings and decisions,
  • Why guys suddenly become distant with you,
  • Why men lie to you,
  • What men want to tell you, but never could.

Michael has featured in many places globally sharing his relationship techniques, most notable on the Rachel Ray show.

This free video by Michael will teach you everything you need to know, about understanding why he is pulling away, and how to understand his mind so you can bring him closer to you.

Now I must warn you Michael is a smooth operator. His video is linked to a product that helps women turn their relationships around, by following his in depth online training course.

So if you feel like purchasing Michael’s product to literally turn your relationship around overnight, then that is great, it truly is a powerful course that will change your relationship for ever.

HOWEVER …. you don’t need it to be able to succeed, you just need to watch his free video to get everything you need to know to start understanding your man’s mind and distant behavior … and put into action everything we have discussed on this page. 

Michael Fiore Video


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