Why Men Cheat

Cheating is a hot topic when it comes to dating and relationships.

Men are viewed as the most prolific cheaters, but the stats show that not to be the case.

It is not a gender issue; it is an issue that comes from human biology.

But today we are going to talk about why men cheat … for no other reason than to help you gain an understanding of the motivation behind it. Continue Reading


For those who are not aware, there’s a lot of difference between friendship and emotional affairs.

If you think these two situations are the same, there’s a lot for you to learn!

For one, this kind of affair could potentially ruin a happy marriage.

In every sign of infidelity, chances are, there’s probably more signs that you fail to see. Continue Reading


Clues That Your Husband Is Cheating

Every woman in a relationship worries about infidelity.

However, the problem is, it’s usually difficult to determine if your man is having an affair, because those who commit infidelity are very careful when doing the deed.

Here are some of the most common clues that your husband is cheating. Continue Reading

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